Inner Mastery

A drop in waterYour life is a garden. Consciousness determines what you will plant there. Intention helps it to flourish.

That’s Right! I am living the life I dreamed of yesterday

Every thought plants the seeds of what we will experience tomorrow. Discover the value of bringing mindfulness to the present moment. You intention creates an empowered movement of energy.

When we bring gratitude and happiness into our mindful choices, something new begins to move throughout our experience. With each conscious decision we reprogram the mind to recognize the little joys of life. Enough daily joys add up to an overall happy and fulfilling experience – the garden flourishes, becoming more lush and colorful, filled with scent, color and life.

You are far more powerful than you realize. The awareness you bring to your thoughts, words and actions will create a space in which a transformation can occur. You will know that you are tapped into the infinite energy of the Divine when you are calm and at peace.
Today my intention is to be committed to creating a life filled with joy and wonder.

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