The Celtic Vows of Friendship

spa_concept_zen_rocks.jpgTransform all your relationships into stepping stones of higher consciousness.

That’s Right! Everyone in my life plays a role in my soul’s awakening

The Celtic Vows of Friendship offer six basic guidelines that allow you to bring higher consciousness into any relationship. As you discover the nuances that each concept plays in a healthy connection, you will create greater peace within your life situations.

Picture how life would unfold if you were never disappointed by anyone’s choices or behavior. The light of acceptance would shine brilliantly through any moments of darkness of the soul. Consider that the only way to live without disappointment is to approach each moment without attachment to a particular outcome. Therefore, as you cultivate absolute acceptance as a way of relating, disappointment will disappear from your experience.

In many relationships there is a voice in the background saying, “Please don’t hurt me…” which causes one to shield their heart out of fear – fear of being hurt, fear of disappointment, fear of rejection. The greatest strength is learning that your good comes from within and is not dependent upon outside factors. This allows us to embrace one another, whether for a moment or for a lifetime, with open hearts.

Your life is an opportunity to love. Embrace this moment as it is. Embrace yourself as you are and honor each path as sacred.
Today my intention is to be the love I wish to see in the world.

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