Consciously directing energy

Every thought, word and action sends waves of energy throughout the Universe.

That’s Right! I open my consciousness to all the miracles of life

The ego may try to tell you that you have failed or that you should be farther along and more conscious by now. Lack of clarity or a sense of futility can inhibit you from accepting the miracles that are offered to you. Observe the energy that you send out into the world. There will be times when you feel deeply aligned with the Divine and others when it seems that nothing works. The key is being willing to receive: messages, signals, assistance, gifts, insight and joy.

Each of us shares the same soul purpose of awakening to our true infinite nature. As part of that process we created a world of opposites – cultivating courage by experiencing fear, learning how to love by rising above hatred or awakening humility through the futility of arrogance.

All that you seek is already within you. Be present to life. Focus on creating authentic joy in your experience. Be willing to receive.

Today my intention is to be willing to release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve me.

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