Strength through surrender

There is great strength and empowerment to be discovered through surrender and acceptance

That’s Right! I am willing to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity

There are three stages of consciousness: those who simply work and follow mindlessly, seeing each day as something to get through, those who have learned to stand in their truth and say ‘no’ when appropriate, cultivating their unique gifts and strengths and finally, those who, having mastered empowerment, discover that the greatest strength of all lies within innocence, trust and playfulness.

All of us go through these processes of growth. Don’t stop until you see life as an adventure, full of joy and miracles… and even then, don’t stop. There are always more levels to explore.

When we rise above the mechanisms of the ego, we have nothing to prove, nothing mundane to strive for and nothing stands in the way of love. Discover the power of silence. Allow others to be where they are, honoring their paths as sacred and let your life be your message.

Today my intention is to walk in the mystery. The Divine works through all beings and situations.

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