Reactivity is a habit. In every moment you have a choice: to give away your power or respond to life with mindfulness.

That’s Right! I am responsible for my own joy

Your path is to reside in life exactly as it is without labeling the moment or getting lost in inner commentary. Clarity comes from staying present. Confusion is created when old scripts replay, blurring your perception of events as they unfold.

Awareness is the first step of transformation. It’s important to remember that everything offers you an opportunity to awaken. Quiet the mind and welcome life as your teacher. Observe yourself and your responses. Chances are you’ll discover aspects that have changed dramatically as a result of your conscious choices and you’ll recognize any old patterns that are ready to shift.

Be compassionate with yourself as you grow and change. Spiritual awakening is a process that is often subtle. Consistent practice helps cultivate the skills that allow you to navigate the myriad nuances of life. One measure of expanding consciousness is the amount of peace in your experience.

Today my intention is to live from the heart.

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