Choosing Empowerment

Expand into empowerment with the knowledge that you have the opportunity and ability to choose how you wish to experience the present moment…
That’s Right! I can choose to live empowered Now
Last night my guides awakened me with the melody and magic of the power of choice. Drifting up from dreamland, the specifics eluded me; however, the energy burst through my consciousness with it’s own life as well as the peacefulness of ease and grace.  Every moment offers the ability to experience life in any way that we wish, regardless of the present circumstances, thoughts of the future or patterns of the past. Change begins within. It begins Now… and you are the light that will bring it into being.

Make one conscious and positive choice today. Make another tomorrow, and yet another each day after that. You will invite miracles, coincidences and magic into your experience. You are supported each and every step of the way and t
here are no mistakes in the experience of Life. This is your sacred journey of awakening.

Today my intention is to live the life of my dreams.
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