Discovering Oneness in a world of difference

To truly awaken is to recognize Oneness within a world of difference. The paradox of higher consciousness allows us to see both aspects of our experience – your unique expression of the Divine and the commonality of the human journey of awakening. The gifts we discover through cultivating the art of compassion benefit all life. We […]

Your purpose is to awaken

Universal interconnectedness binds us to one another. Each and every thought, word and action sends ripples of energy throughout the Universe – some strong, some subtle – and what harms one, harms all. What heals one, heals all. When we live aligned with our soul’s purpose, we have a greater ability to access the grace […]

Breaking free of old patterns through self awareness

The world in which you live is one of your ow creation. We project our thoughts and beliefs onto every situation and weave our stories, fears and desires throughout every aspect of our lives. Pay attention to the repeating patterns of your life. There you will discover that which your soul longs to heal. All […]

Loving silence

We do not need to add more knowledge or new beliefs. It’s far more powerful to learn to rise above the antics of the mind into a place where we can commune with the Divine. We need to experience more wonder and more awe at the beauty that surrounds us. The minds noise can sometimes […]

The joy is in the journey

Life, by its very nature, offers no guarantees. Ultimately we walk our Path of Transformation alone – for our journey is unique and each of us has our own lessons and destiny. Once you accept this fact, you may be surprised by the beauty in it, by the joy in it. Rejoice in the freedom […]

The transformative power of grace

The awakened person lives in gratitude and joy, content within whatever the present moment offers. This peaceful sense of connectedness comes from inner understanding, unlimited richness and spiritual maturity and is not tied to any desired outcome or reliant upon the decisions of others. When we become aware that all desire is future based, we […]

See the voice of the ego as a teacher

When we walk through our life situations with the core belief that things will work out just as they should, we have greater access to self-confidence, independence, strength and courage. It’s only when we fall prey to the voice of the ego that we begin to doubt ourselves… What if I fail? What if I […]

As you change, the world around you is transformed

No matter what challenges may arise, no matter how frightening things can seem, remember that you are loved and guided throughout your spiritual journey on the Path of Transformation. As you discover your strength, you may notice that this shift in energy evokes strong reactions in others – both supportive and resistant – and this […]

You are right where you need to be

Endlessly seeking to be perfect reaffirms the limiting perception that we are somehow less than perfect. High ideals can be a distraction on the Path of Transformation. When we week instead to raise our vibration, thus providing ourselves a higher perception and broader viewpoint, we discover additional ways to be in the world and have […]

Releasing the limitation of expectation

People who long to play it safe or attempt to control the outcomes of  live events carry a great deal of turmoil deep within. This nervousness penetrates their facade of joy because the ego knows that it cannot let up its rigid approach; however, sometimes the freedom of spontaneity and vulnerability is just what is required […]