Infinite potential

Today is filled with infinite possibility and a spark of that energy of potential lives within you waiting to be expressed. As adults, we have become limited by our past experiences and, as a result, we develop a temporary blindness to our own ability to discover the limitless joy of soaring beyond mind-made limitation.

You have a lifetime to study the art of love. All that is required is the willingness to search for the Oneness that connects us all and seek to remove any barriers within you against that knowledge. Pay attention to your thoughts and words throughout the day – do you hear “I can’t”, “I always”,  “I never” or “I should have”? All are limiting. Purposefully utilize “How can I create…”, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” or “I’m willing to receive a miracle” instead.

All change begins from within. Consciously noticing limiting patterns and shifting your thoughts and statements to a higher vibration opens you to more possibilities. Spiritual awakening is a process. There are days where you notice improvement and those where you may miss the mark and that’s ok. The noticing itself will create a space in which transformation can happen.

Today my intention is to remember that I am free to respond to life from the highest level, no matter what the situation or what others choose.

Releasing the need to fight

Stress and suffering are caused by neural toxic pathways in the mind. In order to disengage from this energy, we need to be mindful of aligning with the energetic frequency of others who are lost in the maze of blame (or from seeking others to support our own limiting stories). Commiserating with someone may appear on the surface as an act of friendship or empathy; however, we soon become lost in drama and actually strengthen the stories of the mind – not only for the other person, but for ourselves as well.

Detached compassion is a powerful way to hold the space of love. Most often, it is easier to do this for others than for ourselves. We can  weave the energy that will ultimately cleanse emotional wounds by facilitating a space in which the other can rediscover healing, grace and laughter. Releasing the need to fight and moving into acceptance is a powerful way to change the energy quickly. Instead of feeding the energy into what we would like to change, we flow all our intention and purpose into meaningful action, quickly creating transformation on all levels – spiritually, mentally, emotional and physically. While your ego may mourn the loss of control, your soul will sing with delight at the peace and serenity you’ve created in your experience.

Today my intention is to remember that the Universe supports me in every thought I choose to think and believe.


Everything and everyone carries a unique vibrational frequency. The art of spiritual awakening is a consistent movement to higher and higher realms of illumination and understanding, each of which offers a greater perspective, both of the self and of others. Higher vibrations bring freedom from the intense emotional suffering of the egoic mind and provides an awareness of the infinite nature of the Now.

Along the way we learn compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness, gratitude, courage and humility. The light of the Divine shines through us as we feel compelled to share our gifts. The world longs for light givers and the grace they bring to existence.

Each step you take on the Path of Transformation transcends and includes the steps taken before. We integrate new information and energy knowing that this awakening is available to all who are willing to embark upon this journey of initiation. Others have left road maps. The great masters and teachers know that it’s not enough to study, take workshops or quote spiritual truths. We must consciously live in our truth and explore our unique and personal relationship with the Infinite in every moment. Prefer the company of visionaries who dream the world into being and see their reflection in you.

Today my intention is to explore new realms of knowledge. Life is my playground.


There are times when all we can do is wait. Perhaps you’ve stated a desire, created a vision board, sent intentions out into the Universe or simply planted a seed of a change in consciousness within you. In moments of action we find the ability to focus, we do our best, knock on doors and stay positive. Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part; however, if you can remain in a state of open and expectant awareness, you’ll be ready to move forward once the momentum shifts into movement once again.

As humans playing in time and space we often find ourselves thinking that things move too slow… or too fast. Remember that every expression of life has its own phases of coming to fruition. We plant the seed, nurture it in those precious days of beginning vulnerability, and then provide the space in which it can grow. We have almost forgotten the treasure of allowing in our quest to achieve everything in a hurry.

In the silence of waiting and patience, the energy and vitality of your authentic being continues to grow within you… until one day you emerge into the wholeness of existence, transformed, able to see the beauty of life in all it’s dimensions and discover a new way of looking at the world. All is well.

Today my intention is to remember that each and every step is guided by the Divine and all things will unfold perfectly in the way that is most beneficial for my growth.

I hold no cherished outcome

In the depths of experience, we can choose to remain free from attachment and carry a sense of inner balance with us wherever we go. To hold no cherished outcome means that we learn to release the expectations we have formed regarding others, ourselves or situations. The mind becomes attached to illusions, an idea or an end result and sometimes we have no idea that the attachment has occurred until things don’t go our way and we feel disappointed.

Disappointment is an indicator that we need to go within and take responsibility for our own state of consciousness. No one can make us happy or unhappy – that is a self-imposed interpretation of a situation or outcome. Each of us can choose how we respond to life.

When you can rest in the fullness of who you are, you cultivate a greater understanding of the infinite nature of wholeness. In the stillness and acceptance of what is, we welcome a new quality of life. See if you can spend some time today simply being aware and content witnessing the beauty of Now. See how life comes to greet you – sometimes in the form of a gentle breeze, a smile from a stranger, unconditional love from a pet or simply being at ease within yourself.  Whatever you choose to do, do it from this space of awareness.

Today my intention is to slow down and savor this moment.

Creating peace in the Now

The light of the Infinite shines through you. It cannot be lost, though sometimes we can feel that it is lost to us. All too often we become entangled in thought, creating a jumble of conflicting ideas and worries while we try to meet the impossible demands that we place on ourselves. Throughout it all, the light shines on, patiently waiting to come to the surface when we find a healing outlet that releases all this excess, useless energy. When tensions build within you, it’s important to move the physical body in order to shake up your energy and allow it to move more freely. If we wait too long, the universe will manufacture an event that will serve the same purpose; however, there is no need to wait for such intensity to cleanse the air. As soon as you notice stress and tension building, do something about it.

Meditation is a powerful tool that can keep you sane in an intense world. We need to reconnect often to the source of the Divine which resides within us. Go beyond all you see and know in this life and realize the infinite majesty of your being. The challenges of our lives direct us inward to the source of peace and connection and there are always new levels to explore.

Today my intention is to immerse myself in the light, love and laughter of the Universe.

Releasing control

When we attempt to control the world around us, the energy we emit creates a rigidity of the soul that’s difficult to penetrate. These structures of thought may present themselves in our lives as a feeling of tenseness, grinding of teeth, forgetting to breathe… It’s time to allow spontaneity and vulnerability to enter our lives. If mistakes happen, that’s ok. When life seems like a wild ride, it’s ok. There’s much to be discovered by entering uncharted territory.

Allow your encounters to be authentic. Listen more. Take time to breathe and feel the energies that swirl around you. This is the moment of transformation. No matter what space you’re in right now, know that it will evolve into something different if you are willing to accept new energy into your experience.

Today my intention is to remember that I have greater access to my power when I live in a space of acceptance and surrender. This moment is filled with infinite possibility.

Emotional wounds

Many people wear a sort of psychic armor as protection in order to avoid being hurt. They carry a load of anger and lash out at others in an attempt to keep them from getting too close; however, this behavior actually blocks all healing energy from soothing the emotional wounds that they carry. It’s time to stop fighting. There is an infinite amount of love available – enough to transform and uplift each and every being on the planet, if only they would let it in.

See those who seethe with anger through the eyes of compassion. They have yet to discover the joys of forgiveness and worthiness and continue to struggle with the idea that it’s acceptable to be fulfilled and happy.

Moment to moment the spiritual seeker leaves the past behind seeking to carry nothing forward but faith and purity and trust. Once the energetic cords to the past have been transformed and released, they live in harmony with the Now, knowing that the Universe supports unconditionally and adventures await.

Today my intention is to follow my bliss knowing that all things work toward my highest good.


Love exists beyond the conditioning and expectations that we cultivated in our youth. As we mature, we begin to experience the unique individuality of the other person. Intimacy opens the possibility of celebration and renewal as we delve deeper into the mystery of connection and compassion.

Those we love act as our mirrors, often showing us the unhealed aspects of our personality. From there, we can utilize the gifts of relationship as the supporting process of our journey toward wholeness. Authentic love is based upon giving and compassion rather than need or expectation. See those whom you love as facilitators of your growth and allow yourself to move higher into the realm of oneness.

Buddha defined compassion as “love plus meditation.” In our mindfulness, we discover the limitless potential which awaits within our interactions with one another. Let your love be a sharing and give simply for the love of giving. Then, add gratitude and awareness into the mix and see where it leads you.

Today my intention is to joyfully accept everyone in my life exactly as they are without any desire, expectation or neediness.

Moments of transformation

Many people fear change, and yet we crave freedom from the patterns that have kept us from experiencing joy. This push/pull of energy is the ancient and infinite dance between the known and the unknown, balancing contrasts, and learning how to create comfort within the multiple realms of vulnerability. As we release the layers of old energy one by one, the resulting transformation sparks an awaking of our ability to be a conscious co-creator on the journey. We learn to trust ourselves, to recognize the mechanisms of the mind and rise above the ego to a space of peace and awareness.

Be aware that the beliefs most resistant to change are what need to be observed the most. When we’ve lived with a particular idea for a long time, it becomes an underlying part of our false personality (sometimes called maya) and directs our course. The willingness to consistently learn from life allows these static ideas to transform or drop away. There, you will find the stillness at the core of your true being.

When you walk in gratitude today, pay attention to the lessons of nature. She is in a constant state of change, moving through the seasons – all necessary aspects of the cycle – symbiotically intertwined with all life. Every moment becomes a moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to rise above all limitations knowing that I am divinely guided and inspired.