“I hold no cherished outcome”

Thought divides us, experience connects us. It is through experience that we learn compassion for one another. When we engage in relationship without demands or expectation, we enter into a graceful courtship with the Divine. This receptivity is pure and leads us into a time of unbounded gratitude for whatever life brings.

The next time you find yourself in conversation with another, observe the thoughts that run through the mind while you are “listening”. You may be surprised at the busyness of the ego. Authentic listening demands that we forget ourselves completely (not an easy task) and become the Divine feminine – open and receptive, a conduit for energy, light and love. We cannot achieve communion by being aggressive. Open the door and wait.

Each time another piece of the puzzle falls into place we develop a greater perception of the whole. Life is full of ending and new beginnings and we have the opportunity to celebrate both. See the picture of your expanding consciousness, the nature of Wholeness and love in the mirror of the world around you.

Today my intention is to live in the light, love and laughter of  authentic communion.

Thoughts create

No matter what you seek to accomplish, it must first be visualized in the mind. Even the most mundane things must begin first as a thought of desire. Your thoughts create your reality. We set energy in motion, nurture it, and then begin manifestation with a physical action or choice.

If you choice is joy or adventure (rather than fear or suffering), ensure that your thoughts begin there. Immerse yourself in high vibrational energies, observe your words and seek to create the most pleasurable experience that you can. When challenges arise, seek the lesson or the gift contained within.

Don’t be afraid to trust your own vision, no matter how different it appears to be from your current reality. The key is to create clarity and ensure that all subsequent thoughts and actions support your vision.

Many years ago when I began on my spiritual path, I imagined myself as a red-headed spiritual teacher, helping others and walking a magical path. This image was far different from the reality I was living at the time. I went through my life and released anything that didn’t align with my new vision. I made changes on the physical plane (hair color, style of dressing, job, home, etc), mentally I began to look for people who inspired me (choosing only to be with high vibration people for a time – that meant a lot of time alone) and spiritually (surrounding myself with inspirational books and music).

Initially, I felt like an imposter. The last thing to change was my sense of worthiness and self-confidence. But, I held my vision in the forefront of my consciousness. Experiences began to support my new vibration, life became more magical and people began to seek me out for a new perception. Joyfully, I am still a work in progress.

Seek your own truth. Transformation is a powerful process that you set in motion in each and every moment with your thoughts, beliefs and actions. Use whatever tools you have from wherever you are and be willing to accept a miracle. The life I have today is far greater than I originally imagined it could be – but that was only because I had yet to experience the ease and grace that come from living an authentic life.

Today my intention is to see the change I wish to be in the world… and then become it.

Spiritual maturity and mastery

Each of us is responsible for our own joy. The power in that statement lies within the inherent possibility of creating joy Now, in this moment, without the need to rely upon outer circumstances or the actions of another. As we develop our spiritual maturity, we discover that wholeness comes from within. From this state of empowerment we have a greater opportunity to share with one another and contribute something unique to the experiences we encounter on our journey.

The synergy created by conscious, loving spirits is infinite. Together we achieve far more than we can alone and cultivating the arts of giving and receiving unlocks the flow of the Divine within our life situation.

Take the time to slow down and notice the beauty that is all around you. Our amazing planet has much to offer (and much to teach) and we need to become aware of the miraculous in order to participate in its power. Then existence becomes a joy as we conscious dream new aspects of the world into being.

Perhaps you find yourself more open to the many opportunities to celebrate in life. You may share your gifts and laughter more often than in times past, or reach out in kindness without fear of rejection. These are signs of mastery and indicators of spiritual awakening. Allow love and joy to guide your choices and interactions and watch the boundaries disappear.

Today my intention is to recognize the sacred in all things.

The dance of awareness

What aspects of your personality are ready to shine? Your soul is in a constant state of expansion and as you choose to nourish yourself, you will discover the joy of claiming them and living from a space of higher consciousness and love.

Give yourself the opportunity to grow. Reach for new experiences, choose fearlessness and allow the integration os these aspects into the expression of your life. Our spiritual evolution is advancing so quickly now, people often live out several different types of reality in each lifetime. This dance of awareness can be so exciting! Simple lessons are transformed into stepping-stones of awakening.

When you live in your integrity, you attract divine grace into your life situation. The impossible becomes possible, change encounters shift your path, new doors open and you find the opportunity to rise above the mundane and into the miraculous. Release all feelings of unworthiness that block your vision. Seek love first within yourself and share it every moment that you can.

Spend time today in your sacred space. Regroup, listen, open your heart and choose to create joy in the present moment. Everything expands from there.

Today my intention is to live the life of my dreams.

Lessons from the shadow side of the self

Sometimes you have to be who you aren’t in order to discover who you are. These inner journeys through darkness bring about a yearning for light and our search then takes us exactly where we need to go. The greatest gifts can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

Don’t fear the shadow side of your personality. The yin and yang, dark and light, fear and security are simply the opposites found within any experience. Ultimately, complete acceptance of the Self leads to peace, happiness and wholeness.

Notice whenever judgments arise around another person: that is merely a reflection of something that you have suppressed or denied within yourself. Part of your own psyche is ready for expansion and expression. By honoring the powerful process of reflection and projection, we become more self-actualized and aware… and awareness heals.

We all look at life and circumstances based upon the level of awareness at which we reside. There are always new and amazing things waiting to be discovered and infinite roads ultimately lead us to the Divine. The most empowering thing that you can do is live consciously and cultivate the innocence which is born of experience.

Dear one, you are right where you need to be. Trust the process of your own awakening rather than fighting what is. The desire to seek the gift hidden in all situations ensures that it will be found.

Today my intention is to immerse myself in the love, light and laughter of the Universe. The best is yet to come.

Wholeness within relationships

True partnership occurs when we have discovered wholeness within ourselves. Instead of looking for someone to complete us, we discover the joy of unity between two unique and empowered individuals who allow the winds of heaven to dance in between them as they walk their journey together.

The same is true when we enter into a union with the Divine. Recognizing the sacredness within all things builds a partnership of freedom and discovery. We become engaged in the nuances and miracles of life.

Accept the blessings which are available for you now. They may come in the form of opportunities, spiritual gifts, new friendships or a chance encounter. Gratitude opens your perception and ability to receive.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. If you want to be heard, listen more. When you desire understanding, cultivate acceptance and understanding within yourself. The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours. All life is your reflection.

Allow the Divine to express itself through you in whatever manner you can. Whatever you choose to do, do it joyfully and consciously become aware of the energy that you send out into the world. When you enter into the healing flow of love, it will fulfill your desire for wholeness.

Today my intention is to remember that deep and transformational forces are always at work. I am willing to receive a miracle.

Choosing joy

After a restless night with a sick puppy, I chose to move into acceptance regarding the fact that today’s Wow Moment would go out a bit late.

The animals in our lives are remarkable teachers. In this case, whelping alerted me to abdominal pain each time I began to drift off to sleep. Like anyone else, I had to control the voice of the ego, realizing that fear and worry do nothing to aid the situation. Instead, I used my tools: Reiki, Deeksha, affirmations, talking to my guides and angels for assistance until finally, Zen Mistress Minky and I reached our normal state of peace again.

I’m happy to report that the crisis seems to have passed. Those of us on a conscious spiritual journey have the same issues and cares as anyone else; however, we have access to different ways of dealing with whatever life offers. In the moments when you find yourself using your tools to navigate through a challenge, realize how far you’ve come.

And so today, I begin with gratitude… embracing the beauty of the morning.

Today my intention is to love what is.

Your journey is unique

It’s important to find your unique way of connecting to the Divine. Spiritual teachings and writings are simply pointers that may be utilized to correct your course from time to time, but until you discover your own truth and live from a level of authentic experience, those ideas may actually hinder you from going deeper and finding your own way of being in the world.

Older souls have a tendency to explore many different belief systems and teachings, ultimately blending the aspects with which they resonate in order to create a unique perception. This perception creates the foundation used to experience the grand adventure of awakening. Keep in mind that it’s wonderful to explore new levels of awareness. And always, always… look within. Personal strength comes from inner knowing.

You have your own dreams to fulfill and your own journey to walk. Now is the time to release the expectations of others that you’ve chosen to carry (usually believing that they are your own). Spiritual awakening is a constant movement of energy – releasing the old, allowing room for the new and discovering the clarity which comes from setting down your burdens.

All beings have embarked upon the ultimate journey of happiness and sometimes we may act a temporary guide for those around us. Remember what is was like to be spiritually asleep and bring the compassion you have cultivated to whatever situation you may encounter. The unconsciousness of others is merely a projection of their pain, and when we choose to remain in a state of compassionate detachment, we have the opportunity to teach by example.

Today my intention is to open to new levels of experience.

You have unique gifts to share

The time has come to share your gifts. There is nothing special that you need to do – simply live in your truth and be willing for it to happen. Willingness opens us to receive (and become) the energy of the miraculous.

Sharing can come in many forms – work, relationships, expressions of creativity and how you respond to everyday circumstances. Pay attention to whomever is drawn to you now. Listen to the wisdom of your heart when you notice yourself offering loving advice. It is simply the right time to be your authentic self.

In the midst of challenge, be reminded that times of great sorrow are often followed by great breakthroughs. In order for spiritual transformation to happen, we must go within and then act in alignment with our inner truth. You may find that within pain, the sharing of your gifts or insights is needed more than ever. Open to the flow of the Universe and see what happens.

Enjoy all the aspects of your life – the act of expansion, trying different approaches, success and failure, discovering new facets of your unique journey, absorbing new ideas and especially, the sharing of your gifts. In the commonality of our experience lies the seeds of compassion. Expand into love and see what happens.

Today my intention is to seek wholeness through the expression of my truth and the authenticity of my actions.

Daily Gratitude

One of the most powerful ways to create inner balance is to bring yourself present and practice the art of Gratitude. This is often the first thing I teach people when we begin working together. It’s a simple and easy thing to do; however, it also seems to be the easiest thing to forget.

Daily gratitude serves two purposes:  It declares to the Universe that you are willing to take responsibility for your own joy and raises your vibrational frequency to a high level, setting the tone of the day.

To be effective, Gratitude must come from the heart. Even if you are facing extreme challenges (for which you may have yet to feel grateful), Gratitude is a choice and you can find a way to enter that frequency of expression. Throughout the day, take a moment to look around you. It’s likely that you have surrounded your space with items that spark joy within you – fabrics, photos, books, textures and objects that make you smile… stop and remind yourself to be grateful for the things which are going well in your life.

When you get triggered by life’s frustrations, use gratitude to bring yourself back to center. It’s a powerful tool and one that will serve you well.

  • Give yourself five minutes every day upon awakening to immediately get up and get outside – this is very important. Leaving your home space (or hotel space when traveling) and all its collected energy to step into the world of possibility is a powerful way to embrace the Universe without falling back into old habits and frequencies.
  • Say out loud everything for which you are grateful – the voice has power. Articulation has power.
  • If your mind drifts to a particular challenges (either present or past), find something within that situation for which you feel grateful
  • Spend a few moments listening for five different bird voices (or dogs or cars or ocean waves, whatever is presented)

Each of us is responsible for our own joy. Your thoughts create your reality. Practice Gratitude and embrace infinite possibilities.

Today my intention is to choose to love where I am on the Path of Transformation. All is well in my world.