You can set yourself free.

“Become more conscious, release more conscious energy in your being, explode into consciousness – and then you will see you are living a life in absolute attunement with existence.”

Your journey is your own. Honor it as sacred. Begin with kindness toward yourself. As you move toward greater awareness, your consciousness expands, allowing you to see things differently than those who are deeply rooted in the ego-driven world.

All aspects of the path of awakening are sacred. Those who are Young Souls must behave as Young Souls do – focused upon power, greed and control. Mature Souls seek to balance the lifetimes of greed by giving to their families or communities and healing the world. Old Souls, having lived many lifetimes, have a different perception. They seek only to clear karma, teach others and prepare for the next levels of existence. No soul age is better than any other. All must coexist in a tapestry of collective awakening.

Choose to step outside of judgment and drama. Drop any self-criticism that arises by recognizing it as sabotage by the ego. While these mental movements create limitation, they are not you. Aligning yourself with your true Divine nature will bring a blissfulness and freedom to your life experience.

Today my intention is to make changes that bring me joy.
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