Look deeper

Choose to see past the roles that people play to a deeper truth.

“How much of our distress is rooted in the stories we weave around our experiences? Dropping our story line is critical to bring aware of what is actually happening in the present moment.”
~Ezra Bayda~

We learn through contrast. The mind projects ego-driven thoughts onto a situation creating illusions of lack, blockage or entrapment. The awakening soul learns to recognize these projections as they occur and consciously looks deeper.

Any distress that arises is your spiritual work. What happens when you choose to view a challenging situation as your path or an opportunity to awaken? Everything! This approach opens up worlds of possibilities.

Everyone and everything is playing a role in your soul’s growth and you can take any approach to awakening that you wish – accelerated or immersive. If you miss a lesson, it will come back around. Once you master a lesson, you’ll have an opportunity to put it into practice. Could you recognize how patient, loving or forgiving you have become if life didn’t provide opportunities to cultivate those attributes?

Your heart seeks only to awaken. Embrace everything as a path to freedom.

Today my intention is to live an authentic life. I am willing to see clearly.
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