Be inspired

Fill your daily experience with the ideas, people, passions and joys that inspire you.

“I open my consciousness to the expansion of life. There is plenty of space for me to grow and change.”
~Louise Hay~

You connection to the Divine brings greater life and movement to all of existence. You can participate in this dance by allowing joy to lead you. Find your passion and led yourself be drawn by what you truly love. If you are feeling change flowing through your experience, celebrate it! Begin this moment by examining your surroundings. Do the things, people and ideas around you support your passion? This may be a perfect time to clear out outgrown energies and realign with your inner wisdom.

You can make a transition to a new way of living. It’s important to be clear in your own motivations, to know what inspires you and to consciously keep your choices and actions aligned with your purpose.

Let your life be your message. Allow love to breathe life into your heart and bring grace to the soul. Expand, explore and leave fear behind, for today is filled with limitless possibility.

Today my intention is to constantly move forward in the direction of my goals.
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