Resist nothing. The experiences you have drawn in are the experiences you require for your souls growth.

“Every experience I have leads me to a greater understanding of my purpose on earth.”
~Louise Hay~

There are many dimensions of life available to you now. And while your level of consciousness determines the filter through which you view life, you have the capability to choose to set thoughts of fear and attachment aside and expand your vision.

The physical realm is the known. This is based upon what you’ve already experienced and what you’ve determined to be “reality” by processing information through sight, sound, touch, scent and taste.

The spiritual realm is the unknown or the un-manifest. This is the space in which pure potential and limitless possibility resides.

Humans dance within these two realms. You are being presented with an opportunity to see the world in all it’s contrast and paradox. From the depths to the heights, dark and light, beauty and pain, we begin to discover that both are required in order for life to have greater meaning.

As we awaken, the ego will seek to sabotage and divert us from the path. Over time, we become more conscious of the mechanisms of the mind and are not so easily blindsided. See resistance as an indicator that you are close to a breakthrough and remember that what you see is merely 1% of what is truly happening on all levels of existence.

Today my intention is to breathe. I see each day as precious and seek to create balance in mind, body and spirit.
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