Be Different

Strive to bring a vibrant, authentic version of yourself to all of your interactions.

“Once you have seen a buddha, an enlightened one, a tremendous flame suddenly starts blossoming in you. If this beauty, this grace, this wisdom, this blissfulness can happen to any man, then why can it not happen to me?”    

Your purpose is to discover your passion, your joys and your truth and live them fully. Just a spark of your beautiful energy is enough to awaken light in others. When people respond to you, they are responding to the echo of their own divinity. Set an intention to be a loving reflection, helping those you encounter to see aspects of themselves to which they may be blind.

There is no one special you need to be, no specific level of consciousness to attain, no need to worry about not being enough. Just be your authentic self. Let joy guide your actions while you walk gently in the world.

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