Be the Change You Wish to See

As we change, the world around us is transformed.

“Early old soul behavior is characterized by a period of internalization, soul-searching and a feeling of no longer fitting in with the mainstream of society. Once this aspect has been ‘discovered’ and fully internalized, the next step is determining, How am I going to show up in the world?”    
~From Michael, The Basic Teachings~ 

Those who are able to see life from a higher perspective often feel that they live just outside of commonly held beliefs and ideas. Part of the old soul experience is learning to be okay with being different. We walk in the world as students and as teachers, ultimately discovering the joy of being.

Many view old souls as simplistic because they have learned to see beyond the intricacies of drama to a broader viewpoint knowing that, in spite of appearances, all is well. And because of that, there is nothing to be “fixed”, instead they seek only to view and respond to life as objectively and compassionately as possible.

Each of us has an incredible impact on the world around us. Strive to be a loving example of what you wish to see in the world. Let your life be your message. Your kindness plants seeds that will eventually take root and grow.


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