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When difficulties arise, the mind immediately wants to believe that something in our lives is wrong.

“Illness is one more path to becoming whole.”          ~Ezra Bayda~

Every experience is meant to bring you closer to enlightenment. Imbalance – which can lead to illness, financial struggle, feelings of loss, relationship challenges or discontentment – helps us to find greater balance. We begin to be more mindful of our choices and how they affect our experience.

The student asked the master, “Master, how can I know if my illness is due to wrong choices, the need to forgive or karma?” The master replied, “I don’t know. Begin with forgiveness, move to mindfulness, and if nothing changes, move into acceptance.”

Always begin with forgiveness. Whether needed for the self or directed toward others, clearing old emotional wounds creates greater peace in our experience. This supports the body in it’s healthy functioning. Continued physical challenges might lead us to change our habitual patterns and thus, teach the importance of moderation, balance and mindfulness.

Nothing in your life is wrong. Seek only to grow from whatever arises in your life situation. Peace awaits.

Today my intention is to choose joy.

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