The highest good

Everything works toward the highest good for all involved. Always.

“I can be inspired to grow, but more often I grow because I have been broken by certain unyielding realities. When I have one again been made aware of my fallibility, I am then predisposed to learn.” ~Hugh Prather~

We humans operate with limited perception. Though we cannot see the thousands of threads and coincidences and destinies that bind us, we constantly move in response to the energy and everything plays out just as it should.

Many, many miracles have conspired to bring us together. It’s important to honor this moment as sacred while stepping into the flow of life with grace and faith. Remember this when the ego wants to control a particular situation. Your higher self, your intuition, sees more clearly than the mind. Consciously choose to walk forward and allow life to unfold as it will.

Mastery is to be responsive rather than reactive and allows us to discover that we can be observant, clear minded, peaceful and empowered. Do your best, act with integrity and accept what is. Nothing is insignificant and everything plays its role in our collective awakening.

Today my intention is to take myself a little less seriously. 

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