Awakened exploration

Adventures await you on the Path of Transformation. The Universe consistently draws in the people, situations and opportunities that best serve your growth. While it can be frightening to walk into the unknown, realize that trust and innocence are better guides than the skepticism born of past experience.

When trust is pure, no one can corrupt it. Where fear creates walls based on past experience, old patterns and expectations, trust allows life to unfold and illuminates the dark corners of the mind. Continue to clear those things which no longer serve you and realize that the challenges you face merely allow you to refine the attributes that best serve your soul’s growth.

Trust isn’t about planning every step and encounter one will experience prior to taking that first step. The thrill is in the discovery, the exhilaration of the free-fall. Trust your intuition and allow something immense to open. Then the ordinary becomes the extraordinary, walls disappear and you become aligned with the infinite possibilities of the Divine.

When we desire experience without becoming attached to specific people or outcomes, we are heeding the call of the soul towards self-actualization. Spiritual awakening comes from creating a balance of mind, body and spirit. This balance, in turn, provides a firm foundation for awakened exploration.

Today my intention is to trust the flow of life.

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