Nurture your unique gifts

As we develop conscious awareness, we learn to recognize every event on the Path of Transformation as an opportunity to evolve. The beauty in that life approach relieves you of the burden of perfection – each situation either prompts movement forward or provides greater clarity about patterns that no longer serve your growth.

Honor the gifts of your soul. You have a purpose and a unique spark of energy that you bring to the world. This healing lights, once discovered, will benefit all with whom you interact. Never doubt the power of the seeds of love and compassion that you sow.

The greatest way that you can share your gifts is to nurture yourself. When your spirit is joyful and balanced, you have more compassion, patience, insight and treasures to share. Explore ways that bring balance to your life and love yourself enough to set aside a little sacred time each day.

There will be moments when you may need to step aside and take a break from the stresses of your life situation. You may feel drawn to attend a spiritual retreat, visit a healer, spend time near the ocean, receive a massage or energy work. These moments of withdrawal can replenish your spirit.

Treat yourself with care and demonstrate compassion for your journey in the same way you would for others. Listen to the timbre of your self-talk and ensure that you are willing to receive wellness and fulfillment. Gratitude aligns us with the Divine and lights our way forward.

Today my intention is to remember that the treasures of consciousness dance their way into form. I am willing to explore the depths of possibility.

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