Breaking the pattern of negative expectations

You are stronger than you know. In every moment you are creating the events of your experience and discovering the power of your thoughts and beliefs. Become more conscious of the words you use. Limiting things, even spoken in jest, send ripples of energy throughout the Universe. Many people have developed the habit of expecting the worst and are completely unconscious of the limiting statements they make throughout the day… I’ll never get this! He won’t change. This is the way it’s always been.

These sweeping negative statements block the flow of all energy – the first limits the self, the second limits the growth of others and the last limits the natural evolution of our collective consciousness. Everything makes a difference and all change begins within.

Strength and confidence do not come from stubbornness. Rather, they are an expression of a conscious choice to simply live aligned with your own truth. This peaceful balance provides a base that remains strong even through the opposition you may encounter. The wisdom of your heart will lead you to discover your courage.

Today my intention is to imagine the life of my dreams and live it now.

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