When you have nothing to prove, the whole world belongs to you.

“I breathe life into my vision and create the world I desire.” 
~Louise Hay~
The ego creates traps through anxiety and doubt… worrying what others may think, wondering how to please, get noticed or leave an impression. Many people often struggle with indecision, trying to determine what is the “right” thing to do in a given situation. Conversely, Zen asks us to navigate our journey with integrity and authenticity. When you live aligned with your inner truth, harmony shines through you and is far more impressive than anything contrived by the mind.

Seek to release your attachment to the story-line of ‘me.’ See today as a blank slate and enjoy the idea that this moment is a new beginning. You can choose to experience life without a running inner commentary, without fear, having nothing to prove. Simply do your best, act with integrity and accept what is.

Life becomes much more simple when we are joyful, balanced and at ease with ourselves. Love yourself enough to enjoy who you are. You are right where you need to be – an awakening master on the path of transformation.
Today my intention is to be led by joy. The more peaceful I am, the more I have to share with others.
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