Be willing to receive

This moment is filled with infinite possibility.

“I view all experiences as opportunities for me to learn and grow.” 
~Louise Hay~
It’s important to have a willingness to trust and to engage life with truthfulness and curiosity. When we’re consciously participating in the present moment and bringing authenticity to our interactions, we discover the wisdom that comes from living with an open heart.

All challenges have the potential to elevate our awareness. They spark exploration into the Self and inspire us to find ways to transform perceived problems into empowered movement. Remember, we are all aspects of the Divine working as best we can from our current level of consciousness – everyone and everything is your teacher.

Allow your life to be your message and let it be a light in the darkness. Use conflict as a spiritual tool to awaken your strength and compassion while cultivating your ability to love, forgive, release and accept.
Today my intention is express gratitude for all those who have graced my life, playing their roles to perfection. Thank you for participating in my soul’s growth.


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