Anger destroys from the inside out.

“I now choose to release every negative, destructive, fearful idea and thought from my mind and my life.” 
~Louise Hay~
Anger, whether directed inward or extended outward, is a waste of your precious energy. It causes the cells of the body to deteriorate, it creates a filter that taints everything you see and acts as a magnet, drawing in people and circumstances of similar low levels of consciousness.
The mind will tell you that you are right to be angry. It will keep old stories alive through repetition and seek those who strengthen the web around your heart by agreeing with you.

Anger, like anything else, can be transformed into  a powerful aspect of your spiritual growth. Mindfulness allows you to observe anger when it arises, recognize ideas and beliefs that need to be faced and pivot you toward a breakthrough.

The goal, ultimately, is to learn to rise above anger and reside in the levels of acceptance, willingness and love. The higher your consciousness, the easier things become. Your choices and actions will be empowered and you’ll view life through the heart rather then through mind-made filters.

Today my intention is to laugh at life (and at myself), and choose not be be offended by anyone or anything.
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