Dream more, worry less

Many will choose to be inspired by your example.

“I release any feelings of competition or comparison. I simply do my best and enjoy being me.” 
~Louise Hay~
You have something to offer the world that no one else does. Your passion, insights and energy are unique and inspiring. You have chosen to incarnate here at this time for a specific reason. The way to discover it is to allow love and joy to guide the way.
Many people get lost in the process of fighting for what they want, seeing life as a competition or fearing that there’s not enough. This preoccupation distracts from the abundance, grace and infinite possibility that are inherent in the present moment.
Love falls upon you from all dimensions. Reminders of this love are everywhere we look. A moment ago I opened the back door and stepped out to do my gratitude in the moonlight. I noticed a praying mantis in my hair almost immediately. In shamanism, praying mantis represents the power of stillness.
“It teaches how to still the outer, so that when it is time to act (in any form) it is done with surety, accuracy and great power.”
~ Ted Andrews, Animal Speak ~
I am grateful for these simple reminders of support. When you choose to see life as a living conversation between you and the Divine, it changes how you walk in the world.
Today my intention is to work for enjoyment and satisfaction. Everyone and everything is my teacher.
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