Anger destroys your peace

You don’t need to be angry in order to create powerful change.

“If you understand it, the world is a great device to make you more conscious.
Your enemy is your friend, and the curses are blessings, and the misfortunes can be turned into fortunes. It depends only on one thing: if you know the key of awareness.”

When frustration, anger or sadness arises, become ever more observant and alert. Something is ready to be addressed, healed or cleared. Bring a sense of consciousness to the darkest aspects of your experience.

Your light can see challenges as opportunities to awaken. When one becomes lost in anger, in fighting, energy dissipates. The fight can become draining. However, actions taken from the higher vibrations of love, compassion and acceptance transform one’s energy into pure potential.

Let your actions be sparked by passion. Fine tune them with focused intent and watch the miracles that unfold. The higher your state of consciousness, the more power you have.

Today my intention is to appreciate the perfection of my journey of awakening.

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