Working within the present moment

Your experience of life is a reflection of your state of consciousness. Don’t fight against what is, use it to grow and move forward.

“Resistance is a conditioned response of the ego; it’s the ego’s effort to maintain control, the ego’s fear of giving up the known. Often our resistance prevents us from staying in the present moment for more than a few seconds. We resist because we want to avoid feeling the underlying jangle of our actual experience. We move away from discomfort into the false comfort of our thoughts. But no matter what form it takes, resistance brings no peace, we strengthen whatever we resist. By resisting something we solidify it, empowering it to stay in our life.”
~Ezra Bayda~

Embrace the Now by accepting what is. As awakening masters, we begin with the premise that we have created or agreed to participate in the experiences of our lives. Your souls purpose is to awaken – that’s it; therefore, every situation you face is playing a role in that awakening. Resistance keeps us stuck in repetitive patterns. Observe how often the mind says “This will never change” or “That’s the way I’ve always been” and then consciously examine that thought to reach a deeper truth.

You are far more than the history of this life and your limitless potential awaits discovery. See yourself as an adventurer. Seek the lessons within your life situation allow yourself to walk this earth with empowerment, grace and peace.

Today my intention is to turn every experience into an opportunity to grow.


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