Anger as a teacher

Anger can be transformed into spiritual practice.
That’s Right! Everything offers me an opportunity to awaken
Anger can be experienced in many ways. It can be suppressed, hiding under the levels of awareness where it creates physical symptoms in the body, experienced as depression or explosive rage. When the ego provides a story, it can present itself as righteous anger and we will seek out others who will provide support in order to justify moments of imbalance. We can explode in reactive anger saying that it’s important to let it out; however, that energy creates wounds in our auric field an in the fields of those nearby.
You can transform anger into awakening. When it arises, feel it without justifying, repressing or acting on it – just observe. Notice what it does to your body, pay attention to the thoughts that run through the mind, and bring the light of consciousness to the present moment.
In that quiet light of awareness, you may experience a release or see through the mechanisms of the ego, thus transforming that flash of anger and bringing your attention to an unhealed wound.
When you have learned the lessons that anger has to offer, you’ll discover the art of living with an open heart. Compassion and acceptance are the gifts which await the awakened spirit.
Today my intention is to remember that, at the core, everything is connected by love
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