The human experience

Live with joy.
That’s Right! I am grateful
The whole point of being human is to enjoy physical life… as beings of spirit, we had never experienced the taste of chocolate, known the warmth of a hug, or felt the emotions that arise from falling in love or feeling disappointment.
And so the experiment began. As One, we created a playground within the realm of time and space. We decided to dance in the arms of the Divine by taking a journey into new levels of illusion, and getting immersed within the dream, got lost for a time and forgot the point of existence… experience.
However, even that forgetting was something that the infinite source of love had not experienced before and so, it too, fulfills an important aspect of a grander plan – the joy of awakening.
Let yourself slow down and savor all the tiny, exquisite aspects of being human today. Without inner dialogue or mind-made labels, simple be with whatever unfolds. let every action, sensation and experience be considered sacred. Slow down and consciously enjoy your food or a good conversation, run your fingertips across different textures, revel in your dog’s smile and take the time to enjoy the beauty and majesty of being human.
Today my intention is to dance in the love, light and laughter of the universe
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