All that you seek is within you

Do you see yourself as a miracle?

“Existence is enough unto itself. Inquire into your relationship with existence, and out of that inquiry trust arises – not belief, not faith. Trust has a beauty because it is your experience. Trust will help you to relax because the whole existence is taking care – there is no need to be worried and to be concerned.”

When you choose to become One With Life, you bring a sense of stillness and connection into your experience. Step outside into the limitless possibility of a brand new day. Watch how existence interacts with itself. A tapestry of exquisite design is being created and everything flows together in a way that creates support and balance.

You are an integral part of the masterpiece of the Divine. Begin where you are and see what unfolds when you say “Yes” to life and to your own potential. Allow trust to be your foundation as you explore the nuances of existence.

Darkness is our own creation. Limitation, fear and doubt are mind-made prisons. Fortunately, the door is wide open. You can choose to step across the threshold into a world filled with freedom, joy and exploration. Let your light guide you…

Today my intention is to be at ease with the unknown. I open my heart to the this moment and all the miracles it has to offer.   
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