Your unique gifts

You have something unique to offer.

“Life can only be known through participation. Don’t be a spectator. The whole modern world has become just a spectator, a crowd of lookers-on. The spectator is the poorest man in the world. Participate.”

Is your life a celebration or a sadness? Are you living or waiting? It’s time to become aware that you have much to offer. Rather than attempting to determine what you think others may want from you, be your authentic self. Those who have drawn you into their experience seek the unique gifts that only your soul can bring.

The world becomes very interesting when we appreciate its many contrasts and differences. Nuanced shadows dance by moonlight. Laughter explodes from children at play. Empathy brings out the best in us when we feel for one another. Participate in whatever life has to offer and choose to experience it fully. This is your freedom. A world of possibility is open to you and there is much to explore.
Today my intention is to keep my view life-centered rather than self-centered. I am grateful for this moment.      
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