Live in gratitude

Living in gratitude draws in more things for which we can be grateful. That’s Right! I begin and end my day with gratitude and joy “The path to love requires open-hearted attention to the very things that seem to block our way to it.” ~ Ezra Bayda Those who can bring gratitude into their daily […]

To get the cookie, you must leave the cookie

To get the cookie… you must leave the cookie. That’s Right! I constantly have new insights and new ways of living in the world Many years ago our little family attended puppy kindergarten. One of the most valuable sessions was teaching our dog how to “leave it”. With two cookies, one in each hand, we […]

The world is your reflection

Your thoughts and beliefs dictate what you will experience.   That’s Right! I see life as an adventure and chose to live within the mysteries of love   We have the opportunity for expansive growth in this moment. By choosing not to be offended by anyone or anything, by releasing hurt and resentment, by rising […]

All that you need is already here

Nothing is more important than the state of consciousness you bring to the present moment That’s Right! All that I seek is already within me When you bring your awareness fully into the Now, you’ll discover that it is filled with wonder. Seek to embrace the present moment just as it is and you’ll discover […]

Soul ages and awakening

We are all masters in the process of awakening. That’s Right! I handle all my experiences with wisdom, love and ease The awakened soul strives to live with an open heart. We learn from our experiences and interactions, discovering the most when dealing with those who reside at varying levels of consciousness. We desire others […]

Infinite potential

Even the smallest of actions holds the potential for powerful transformation That’s Right! Kindness is my religion Only within the stories of the mind do we feel trapped, that our beliefs and problems become immovable objects. Everything is energy – light, ever-changing and transformative – ready to bring freedom to the awakened spirit. When challenges […]

Be the love you wish to see

Not all wounds are visible. That’s Right! I bring an open heart to our meeting place Some lessons of spiritual growth cut right to the core of our being. They bring up painful patterns that get expressed in our interactions, and even as we move toward wisdom, we struggle to break free from old behavior. […]

The space of pure potential

Underneath the busyness of the mind resides the space of pure potential That’s Right! I am willing to see clearly Don’t forget to breathe. Dance slowly. Open your heart to the expansiveness of life. Be still. Life is a series of changes that allow us to discover new aspects of our strength, cultivate inner wisdom […]

Motivated by love

Spiritual life isn’t about being safe, secure or comfortable. That’s Right! I am aware that what I do not want to change is exactly what I need to change the most There is a fundamental security that develops from many years of practice. It is far deeper and more enduring than the immediate comfort we […]


Mastery of life is the opposite of control. That’s Right! I move forward with confidence and ease knowing that all is well in my future When we allow ourselves to experience life as it is, without inner commentary, guilt, judgment, fear or regret, we fully enter the Now. Provide yourself space to simply be. When […]