Creating a sacred space

Consider your home a sacred space. That’s Right! I fill my life with love, laughter, music and joy It’s important to remember to tend to the energetic health of your home space. Any emotions that we experience emit powerful vibrations that remain behind; therefore, focus upon being conscious of what you create or allow around […]

The flow of abundance

In this vast, infinite universe, there is more than enough energy for all to experience abundance and fulfillment That’s Right! I am open and willing to receive all the joy that the Universe has to offer Each person resides under the law of their own prosperity consciousness. No matter what you choose to believe, life […]

Our collective awakening

Each of us plays a unique role in the collective awakening of the planet. That’s Right! I make a difference Everything is connected. What harms one, harms all and what heals one, heals all. We are stewards of the planet and all the creatures upon it. In order to care for one another, we must […]

Peace in the present moment

Nothing is more important than your state of consciousness in this moment That’s Right! When I create peace in my mind, I find it in my life Many people unknowingly keep themselves trapped in a pattern of delaying happiness while they struggle to correct perceived problems in their lives. This approach causes the mind to […]

Your true infinite nature

You are an infinite being, a master in the process of awakening That’s Right! You have always done the best you can based upon your level of consciousness, childhood imprinting and life path… and so has everyone else in your life As we learn, we do better. Life is a process of experimentation and discovery. […]

Raising consciousness

Spiritual awakening is often hard to describe, and often harder for others to understand until they experience it for themselves. That’s Right! I recognize that awareness is the first step in healing or changing. I become more aware with each passing day Energy shifts create a change in consciousness. The process of evolution is the […]

The Celtic Vows of Friendship

In order to receive love, you must first learn to love yourself. That’s Right! I love who I am and reward myself with thoughts of praise “The root cause of most difficulties in relationships is the fact that we want something from another. We imagine that we need the other person to be a certain […]

Everything works toward your highest good

Trust the processes of your awakening. Everything works toward the highest good for all involved. That’s Right! I view all situations as opportunities for me to learn and grow Fear keeps us trapped within the boundary of the known. When fear arises, recognize it as an opportunity rather than a challenge. If you choose to […]

Set yourself free

Be patient with yourself as you grow and change That’s Right! I begin and end my day with gratitude and joy Many people have a mantra that they unknowingly embrace. “That’s the way I’ve always been.” or “He/she will never change.” Such beliefs, whether verbalized or not, create prisons of limitation. It’s time to realize […]

Happiness comes from within

Live your bliss That’s Right! Every moment presents an opportunity to become more of who I am In order to live a passionate, blissful, enchanted life, simply realize that true happiness comes from within. You have the ability to choose peace Now and doing so creates a momentum of empowerment that affects every aspect of […]