Your purpose is to awaken. “My inner quest is rewarding and provides me with many answers.” ~Louise Hay~ Underneath the layers of belief, thought, experience, opinions, preferences, programming and expectation lies a shimmering, sparkling, infinite energy filled with limitless potential. When we view life from the level of mind, all we see is the projection […]


When pain or discomfort rises to the surface, it’s an indication that something is ready to be healed. “I am willing to let go of old beliefs that no longer serve me.” ~Louise Hay~ “Perhaps it’s the belief that we shouldn’t have any problems, any discomfort, any pain, that makes modern life seem so distressing. […]

Life is the journey, love is the destination

Life is a journey, love is the destination. “Knowing that friends and lovers were once strangers to me, I welcome new people into my life.” ~Louise Hay~ Participation is key. Be willing to explore, experience and feel. Don’t close yourself off out of fear, for you never know what beauty may be waiting to unfold […]


Happiness is a choice. “I take full responsibility for every aspect of my life.” ~Louise Hay~ Sometimes I am asked, “When will I be happy?” or “Will I ever be happy?” as if it’s out of ones control. It’s interesting to realize that some believe happiness is only attained after everything in their world falls […]

The greatest gift you can give

All transformation begins within I can be the change that I wish to see in the world. As you awaken, the world around you is transformed. No longer will you feed the flames of hatred or judgment. Peace will dwell within you and naturally be expressed throughout your life situation. The greatest gift you can […]

The present moment is your point of power

Loving ourselves creates miracles in our lives. “The answers within me come to my awareness with ease.” ~Louise Hay~ Everything in your experience is a result of past thinking and beliefs. In this moment you can embrace a new way of being. When you consciously choose thoughts and words that write a new story, new […]

You are right where you need to be

To truly awaken is to experience oneness in the world of difference. “I relax, and recognize my self worth.” ~Louise Hay~ The path of awakening is an inward journey to truth. Through our experiences we discover hidden aspects of our strength and wisdom. Patterns repeat until they are no longer required, and as we release […]

Journey within yourself

All that you seek is within you. “I use my inner wisdom to run the business of my life.” ~Louise Hay~ Many people, as part of their journey of awakening, travel far in search of ancient wisdom, life-changing experiences and exotic gurus. And while travel allows us to explore different facets of ourselves, it’s important […]

The source of all abundance

Gratitude draws in more things for which you can be grateful. I open my heart and sings the joys of love. ~ Louise Hay~ Your attention determines where your energy flows. When you think about problems, they grow larger and become insurmountable. When you think about the lessons to be learned and the gifts to […]

Dream more and worry less

Worry is a waste of your precious energy. “Life created me to be fulfilled. I now release all expectations, and I know that I am taken care of.” ~Louise Hay~ How are you choosing to use your energy? Do your thoughts leave you grateful, enthused and inspired or fearful and full of doubt? Moment to […]