Daily Gratitude

One of the most powerful ways to create inner balance is to bring yourself present and practice the art of Gratitude. This is often the first thing I teach people when we begin working together. It’s a simple and easy thing to do; however, it also seems to be the easiest thing to forget. Daily […]

Awakened exploration

Adventures await you on the Path of Transformation. The Universe consistently draws in the people, situations and opportunities that best serve your growth. While it can be frightening to walk into the unknown, realize that trust and innocence are better guides than the skepticism born of past experience. When trust is pure, no one can corrupt […]

Nurture your unique gifts

As we develop conscious awareness, we learn to recognize every event on the Path of Transformation as an opportunity to evolve. The beauty in that life approach relieves you of the burden of perfection – each situation either prompts movement forward or provides greater clarity about patterns that no longer serve your growth. Honor the […]

Breaking the pattern of negative expectations

You are stronger than you know. In every moment you are creating the events of your experience and discovering the power of your thoughts and beliefs. Become more conscious of the words you use. Limiting things, even spoken in jest, send ripples of energy throughout the Universe. Many people have developed the habit of expecting […]

Embracing change

In those process moments when we stand on the threshold between the known and the unknown, we often consciously recognize that something has been completed in our lives. Whether the change comes through work, relationships, inner growth, the home or an aspect of ego-identity, it is time to let go. Whenever we choose to surrender […]

Imbalance and healing

All states of imbalance are chosen for their properties of healing and growth, and ultimately all healing comes from within. Some states of imbalance are chosen specifically for their experience or to complete a karma and are not healable until the appropriate time. Others are healable the moment you grasp the lesson and gone in the […]

Life is our reflection

In any given moment you can ask yourself, “How can I bring love to this situation?” This constant flow of conscious response allow you to realize how much you contribute to the way your life unfold. When things are going well, your choice to demonstrate love will likely take the situation to the next level […]

Power verses Force

The higher your frequency, the more power you have. There will always be moments when we find ourselves immersed within frustrating situations, triggered by family members or feeling unfulfilled in a career. The moment you recognize the imbalance, pause and go within. Consider the energy that you are bringing to the situation and whether or […]

Discovering Oneness in a world of difference

To truly awaken is to recognize Oneness within a world of difference. The paradox of higher consciousness allows us to see both aspects of our experience – your unique expression of the Divine and the commonality of the human journey of awakening. The gifts we discover through cultivating the art of compassion benefit all life. We […]