Sacred Space

Mindfulness creates a sacred space that we can access at any time.

“Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything.
And between the two my life flows.”
~Nisargadatta Maharaj~

Conscious energy and love can transform your experience. It’s important to create space in your daily adventures through quiet pauses, meditative breath or immersive enjoyment of all that surrounds you. These moments of deep connection align us with the present moment.

Approach yourself with kindness and patience knowing that all you need is already within you. Seek wholeness in the gaps, in the silences. Divine truth resides underneath life’s turmoil.

Enjoy the beauty and wisdom that you discover on the path of transformation. Don’t be in such a rush to evolve that you neglect to apply what you have discovered to the more mundane aspects of your life. You have one purpose: to explore awakening through the human experience. Begin now, where you are, with what you have.

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