Joy comes from within

Each of us is responsible for our own joy. It’s not the obligation of our partners, parents, children, boss or life circumstance to “make” us happy and fulfilled. Rather, happiness comes from developing our own inner richness and spiritual maturity. This infinite wellspring of energy, once discovered, will flow through you and change the way […]

Living within paradox

Don’t try to change, simply be aware… awareness heals. Spiritual practice is often a blend of paradox – confusion and clarity, separation and wholeness, detachment and presence. The word paradox itself comes from the Greek para dokien which means beyond thought. See yourself as a physical expression of the Divine who wishes to experience life […]

The integration of wisdom

This lifetime is the culmination of all the experience and knowledge you have gathered so far throughout your incarnations on this planet. The higher self likes to integrate the wisdom it has accumulated and thus you will attract the teachers and circumstances which allow you to do so. You may feel drawn to the teachings […]

Patterns of distraction

We all fall prey to patterns of distraction. Different from karmic lessons or challenges, patterns of distraction keep us firmly immersed within the “known” even when we are working to create transformation within our lives and experience. When we desire to create healthy and positive change, old programming kicks in. The mind prefers comfort instead […]


Sammasati:  Remember It is said that the last word said by the Buddha was “Sammasati.” There’s something beautiful about the reminder that what we seek lies within us. Remember – not discover, change, achieve… just remember. All aspects of spiritual awakening lie within that one word. Perhaps that’s the reason that every journey is so […]

The Art of Discernment

It’s helpful to become aware of the difference between a high frequency choice and a low-frequency choice. For instance, making a decision based upon fear is low-frequency, while making a decision based upon love is in alignment with higher consciousness. This can apply to anything – friendships, dietary choices, business decisions, life partners and even the […]

Suffering consciously

Think about all that you’ve learned so far on your spiritual journey – the tools of awakening you’ve tried and sometimes discarded, the basis of how you view your life, the facets of strength you have discovered as a result of facing challenges, the wisdom of surrender and acceptance, the power of gratitude. Looking back […]

When lessons repeat in our lives…

Sometimes there are layers within layers of energy around a particular pattern or challenge. We feel that we’ve learned the lesson or integrated a new perception only to get hit by it again in another form. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t learning what you’ve intended to learn; however, it does indicate that more energy […]

Your power lies in the present moment

Authenticity requires the sharing of energy… to do good, to serve, to show compassion. The more you evolve, the more subtle the ego must become because you are learning how to observe its antics and not fall prey to them as you may have in the past. For the awakening soul, the ego may appear […]

Living in your integrity

     Each of us walks such a unique path as part of our awakening; however, the lessons and challenges all point to one thing: We are one and all struggle due to a perceived separation from one another. Whether it’s getting lost in fear, anger, judgment, denial or expectation, no one is harder on you […]