How the mind creates stress

Many people believe that they need to take care of everyone around them. The struggle and juggle until they make themselves sick with worry. Usually at the peak of this experience, they’ll get sick or have an accident which forces them to release control, if only for a little while… and even then they worry […]

The melody of love

The vibration that you bring to the planet is unique. We all blend together, weaving beautiful energy, texture and tone that flows throughout the Universe – a masterpiece in the making. Change is the natural order of life. We can resist or flow and even though we may not see the outcome of certain circumstances […]

Possibility, probability and choice

The world of form, and our understanding of it, is constantly changing and evolving. Everything vibrates at its own rate and frequency and therefore contains a particular set of possibilities that we work within to experience what we desire for our soul’s growth. Our expectations and beliefs trigger a set of probabilities within the framework […]

Creating change

Something new is ready to emerge… all it takes is the willingness to expand beyond your comfort zone. Allow joy and enthusiasm to guide your decisions and you will certainly draw in the people, circumstances and opportunities that support this exciting new phase of growth. Our infinite Universe provides limitless opportunities to play and explore, […]

The interconnectedness of life

It’s empowering to discover the impact that our energy has on the world around us… but with great power comes great responsibility. From time to time it’s easy to become lost in the world of form while handling the details of life, and we find ourselves responding to events rather than dictating the flow of […]

Seeing past the roles

All too often people get lost in judgment of one another and miss the opportunity to experience the moment with an open heart. Simply discovering the role someone is playing in this life leads to a set of assumptions and beliefs that alter how we interact with one another. We have a tendency to feel […]


For several mornings in a row now I’ve awakened at 3:33 – the joyful and liberating cosmic “Yes!” from the Universe. Messages come to us in all sorts of ways and part of the fun is learning to decipher them and see how they apply to our lives and experience. Since the number 3 represents […]

Some thoughts about Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the gentle awareness and acceptance of the present moment. But more than simply being aware, mindfulness offers us the opportunity to discover oneness with the Divine through our interaction with the physical world. Seeing the beauty in everything takes conscious effort but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Each and every one of […]

Teach peace

What can you do to teach peace today? We must be the change that we wish to see in the world and therefore we begin by recognizing that all life is a reflection of the relationship that one has with the Self. See if you can consciously drop all judgment and expectation – for an hour, […]

Opportunities to cultivate new knowledge

In order to cultivate a particular attribute or skill, we must integrate the new knowledge by putting it into practice in our daily lives. No matter where you are on the journey of awakening, the Universe will lovingly supply myriad opportunities which allow you to grow. Whether looking to become more patient, forgiving, compassionate, courageous or […]