Your life mission

Never doubt the impact you can have upon the world.

That’s right! I am willing to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity

Each of us has a soul mission that desires to be expressed in this lifetime. Some may be subtle, touching the lives closest to them, while others are more expansive, aiding many in their quest for peace, healing and transformation.

If you haven’t yet discovered your mission, live your passion and your mission will make itself known. There’s no right time or wrong time to step into this aspect of your soul’s work. When you have reached the appropriate stage in your development, energy reaches a critical mass and something new begins to happen.

Tend to your state of consciousness with the understanding that each circumstance and interaction uncovers new facets of your potential. The light that shines through you changes everything.

Today, my intention is to dance in the love, light and laughter of the Universe
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