You are responsible for your own joy

You are responsible for your own joy.
That’s Right! When I create peacefulness in my mind, it is reflected in my life
Ego loves to blame, seeing others as the source of pain. It’s primary purpose is to distract, and it does so with stories that support the unconscious desire to remain asleep. Many people move from one drama to the next, unaware that the key to releasing turbulence lies within them.
Each of us has one primary life lesson that repeats in myriad forms until we have mastered all it’s nuances. Many souls will enter your life to assist you in this endeavor and you will discover that the more you love yourself, the less internal conflict you will have. Inner confidence and grace create awakened responses to others’ dysfunction or ego generated behavior.
When you notice yourself making the conscious decision to remain neutral in dramatic situations, you are taking responsibility for your own joy – and that is a powerful place to reside.
Today my intention is to experience today as a wonderful day. I choose to make it so.
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