Unlimited movement

All of life’s experiences have brought you here to this moment. As we discover our inner mastery, we step into the realm of unlimited movement with the knowledge that energy can flow in any direction. No matter where you are on the journey, take a moment to observe your how far you have come. Life mirrors what is happening within us and the more centered and expansive we become, the less we are affected by externals.

The springtime of spiritual awakening is a beautiful thing to watch. We share our light, our gifts and insights and bring a new sense of wonder to the present moment. Now is a very precious time filled with depth, peace and understanding and now is the time to come home to yourself.

Visualize beautiful light and energy forming around a thought. See it expand and take on a life of its own as it flows out into the Universe, sparkles of joy merging with the life-force and love of the Divine… how big can it get? How far can it go? Change is all around us; however, the stillness and limitless potential remains the same.

Today my intention is to teach by example. I can be the change I wish to see.


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