Trust your inner guidance

Listen to the quiet voice of your inner guidance.

That’s right! I handle all my experiences with wisdom, love and ease

Trust yourself. Beyond the voice of ego resides the spark of the Divine that is experiencing life through you. Limiting thoughts are loud and repetitive – they need to be in order to make you “forget” that you are an infinite spirit on a journey of discovery.

Anytime a thought begins to play over and over creating doubt or anxiety, shine the light of consciousness upon it. Turn your attention to the ego and simply observe it’s antics. Then, quiet the mind and bring yourself back into the present moment.

Focus upon creating peace in your experience. Remind yourself that all you need is already within you and open to the wisdom of your own love and compassion. You’ll know that you’re connecting with your higher Self when you experience a sense of grace and peace in the midst of whatever life has to offer.

Today, my intention is to choose to bring the best version of myself to every situation.

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