Transformation through sharing

The more you share, the more you will have. On the physical plane we are taught to be misers, than in order to be wealthy, one must accumulate. In spirituality, the only way to live and thrive is to share – creating dynamic movement and growth. Think of money in the same way that you think of love or joy. Are you lessened by giving love or sharing joy or is your life enriched? Whatever you choose to share will be increased and you will experience transformation.

Give with love. Listen to your own experience. Create a life filled with flow and vitality and you will never cease to be amazed. Transformation comes through understanding contrasts and seeing the value in all sides of an experience. In acceptance, anything can be transformed. Through sharing our gifts, we change the energy of the world around us.

Is your life blissful? If not, it may be time to change what you’re doing. If the old lifestyle hasn’t brought you fulfillment, then you have nothing to lose. As we become instruments for the flow of transformation, begin to realize that joy is more dependent upon the traveler than the path.

Today my intention is to consciously create a new flow in my life.

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