“Life is a moving, breathing thing. We have to be willing to constantly evolve. Perfection is constant transformation.”
~Nia Peeples~

When one is transformed, when one’s perception and experience of the world shifts to a new paradigm, does it not begin to transform the entire world? The seeds of change reside within you.

Choose to honor this moment by being a witness to life. Love the feel of the gentle breezes on your skin, listen to the ongoing symphony of birdsong, walk barefoot in the grass… realize that everything is simply what it is. The flower is a perfect flower – it naturally knows when to bloom and when to wither. The cat is a perfect cat who might lay in the dirt or stalk a bird and does so without self-consciousness or condemnation. And we humans are perfect in our imperfection. We walk the path of awakening, ultimately learning from the simplest of moments, sharing love and discovering compassion for all living things.

Be grateful for the quiet pauses of your life knowing that all you require will unfold in the perfect way at the perfect time. There is no need for worry or fear or doubt. Acceptance begins the process of transformation.

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