Thrive, awaken, participate

Be courageous and dream a new world into being.

“…Realize that your dream is fueled by the passion of the soul rather than the will of your ego and find a way to act courageously before the day ends.”
~Alberto Villoldo

Seek to expand your ideas, dreams and behavior. Honor the sacred path of your souls awakening by taking one conscious action today. What do you wish to create? What can you do to bring that energy into your experience? Small consistent actions add up to powerful transformation. Begin now.

When we first begin to observe our thoughts and words, it can be surprising to discover how often they destabilize our precious balance. We activate the power of the soul by re-framing old limitations and focusing on the gift, the goal and the potential within the present moment.

Our role is to engage life from the level of soul rather than the level of mind. Our lives are epic journeys of spiritual maturation and courage is born of the willingness to walk forward with faith. Trust your inner wisdom and know that you are an empowered participant in the collective awakening of the planet.
Today my intention is to look at life as a journey of discovery and growth.
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