Thrive and be joyful

Playfulness allows us to be together in the world for the sheer joy of it.

“It is such an immense gift to be alive, but people are very ungrateful; they have forgotten how to give thanks. They never feel the awe of existence, they never feel so grateful that they need to bow down to the earth. They are utterly stonelike, unfeeling, , unseeing. And because of these people – and they are the majority – the whole of life has become ugly.  It is because of these people that life has lost its joy, celebrations.”
You make a difference. We make a difference. When enough awakened beings choose to bring joy to the present moment, the energy transforms. Create a pocket of light in your experience and be an inspiration to those with whom you interact. Yes, you may feel momentarily disconnected from the drama of the day and the “did you hear?” stories; however, there is truly no need to participate in the seriousness of the human condition.

Masters are often seen as very simple people. They do not hunger for power or attach to outcomes. They tend to stay close to nature and find joy in the little things. Each of us can make choices that bring us into greater alignment with the Divine. Choose to simplify your own experience to heighten your spiritual awareness.

Pay attention. Slow down and enjoy your food. Put down the phone for hours at a time and purposely engage with life itself. Know that you can be fulfilled through your celebration and playfulness.
Today my intention is to laugh at life and at myself, choosing not to be offended by anyone or anything.
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