Thoughts create

Everything is energy.

That’s right! My thoughts create my reality; therefore, I choose to keep them positive.

You are a powerful co-creator. Free will allows the ability to choose how the present moment will be experienced. Your energy flows into and strengthens whatever you place your focus upon. Because of this, it’s important to speak of what you wish to create rather than reinforce the blockages you may encounter.

The ego loves to share it’s stories and is always seeking others to support it’s viewpoint. This keeps us rooted in the problem rather than connecting with the solution. Observe how often people around you talk about their frustrations compared to the amount of time spent discussing their happiness, aspirations and intentions.

Consider what you wish to experience. Do you desire a challenge to fight against or a life filled with joy and wonder? Often people will say, “I just want to be happy” and then feed all their energy into anger and resentment, never knowing that transformation is simply a shift in perception away.

Today, my intention is to be responsible for my own joy.

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