The signs of spiritual awakening

You know you’re getting somewhere on the Path of Awakening when you worry less and laugh more…
That’s Right! I am willing to receive a miracle
Ease and grace are born of experience. After facing repeating patterns that assist us in our spiritual growth, we finally experience a break-through and everything begins to change. We drop the need to know exactly how things will unfold and learn to work from the end result. We purposely utilize our thoughts and intentions in positive, empowering ways.
In awareness, the world seems less threatening. Life becomes more joyful and we are ready to take risks and expand into new experiences, knowing that we are guided each step of the way.
As a spiritual being mastering the human experience, it’s important to remember to be at peace in your own truth and allow the light of the Divine to shine through you. Joyfully watch emotional intensity fade away as you step into the majesty of the present moment – aware, enlightened, awake. This is your destiny.
Today my intention is to honor the process of my awakening. I am willing to walk my talk and speak my truth with integrity.
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