The present moment

This moment is filled with limitless possibility.

That’s Right! The point of power is always in the present moment

All you need to do is accept this moment as it is. Doing so will bring greater peace into your experience. Periodically observe your thoughts, asking “Am I at ease at this moment?” Pay attention to the body, it will let you know if there is any resistance within you. Resistance often appears as tension, judgment, pain or boredom.

When you bring your awareness to the Now, the process of self-observation increases your level of consciousness and layers of resistance begin to dissipate. You can always handle the present moment. The answers, resources and strength that you require will be there when you need them.

The mind needs to be still in order to recognize the sacredness and beauty that is all around you. Stillness can only occur Now, this moment. Be here completely. Love yourself enough to be at ease… and then take one more conscious step forward.

Today my intention is to trust my inner wisdom. I choose to experience what life offers with acceptance and grace.

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