The opportunity to love

The purpose of our time on this planet is to learn the healing power of unconditional love

That’s Right! I am a lifetime student of love

Transformation occurs when one is willing to consciously choose a friendly, kind and forgiving approach to life. Willingness and Gratitude are the gateways to higher levels of consciousness. As awakening souls, we strive to experience a love that is unflappable, unconditional and empowering.

Love, experienced without the ego’s interference, does not fluctuate based upon external factors. It becomes a way of being and relating to the world. It lifts others and changes the energy in our interactions.

When vibrating at this high frequency, barriers dissolve. We learn how to view challenging situations in a different manner, see the gift and open to new paradigms when required.

Something greater is awaiting you and there are always new levels to explore. You are far more than the content of your life – you are life itself.

Today my intention is to bring an open heart to our meeting place.

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