The love we have to give

The ability to love is directed connected to the love we have for ourselves.

That’s Right! Every change in my life can lift me to new levels of understanding

All of life is a spiral of experience and no point is better than any other. Every situation and circumstance allows us to process information based upon our level of consciousness. Every perspective is accurate and carries it’s own lesson for the observer. We are One. The only difference is the degree of awareness.

Our infinite universe has enough room for many different beliefs and viewpoints. No matter what you choose to experience, you’ll be able to find someone of the same mindset with whom to play. Together we create lessons that are intended to remind us of what we already know.

Life, and all it has to offer, provides opportunities for soul growth and exploration. As your perception expands into higher levels of consciousness, you’ll discover that everything leads back to love.

All paths are sacred and everyone grows at his or her pace. Enlightenment is an ongoing process for there are always new levels to explore.

Today my intention is to nurture myself. The love I am able to give is directed related to the love I have for myself.

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