The journey of awakening

Every interaction and circumstance serves your soul’s growth
That’s Right! Everything works toward my highest good
Our purpose on this planet is to seek experience and enlightenment, ultimately discovering the truth of our infinite nature. Every moment provides a doorway to the Divine and those who walk the journey with us act as mirrors, showing what blocks us from seeing clearly.
Consider the repeating patterns of your life. If you find that others consistently judge you, it may be that you yourself carry judgment that needs to be cleared. Once you consciously release the need to judge, you will no longer attract those who are judgmental into your life; or if you do, you will no longer be triggered by their actions – and their appearance shifts from being a mirror to an example of how far you have come on your own journey.
Our relationships also reflect our most deeply held beliefs. If person after person disappoints you, you may have a core belief that you don’t deserve kindness, honor and respect. Working to step into empowerment without being attached to particular outcomes will raise your vibration and transform your interpersonal experiences.
Highest good doesn’t mean the most fun – it refers to the soul’s desire to awaken. We are here to clear whatever blocks us from love and this is task requires ruthless self-honesty, courage, consciousness, kindness and patience.
Today my intention is to honor my path as sacred. Every person is meet is my teacher and there is always something new to discover. I choose to greet life with open arms and an open heart
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