The Journey

Create quiet spaces in your experience and travel inward.

Attempting to understand consciousness with your mind is like trying to illuminate the sun with a candle.

Beyond the mechanisms of the mind is pure potential. The human condition is to create the perception of limitation; therefore, periodically take time to reside in the power of Now without any desire. Consciously embrace the present moment with mindful acceptance. It it contains the seeds of all possibility.

We are habitually trapped by thought – longing after specific outcomes, trying to hide perceived flaws, worried about how others see us, wondering if we have enough money to be safe, haunted by mistakes of the past – never realizing that thought itself blocks our ability to experience the love and joy that already surrounds us.

Your journey is unique. Expanding consciousness cannot be measured or quantified; however, it can be realized by noticing the extent of peace and connectedness in your daily experiences. As you drop the layers of self-imposed limitation, you’ll discover a beautiful truth… all that remains is love.

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