The Human Experience

You are an infinite source of light engaged in a temporary human experience.

“The Tao gives you birth through a great outpouring of love. The love becomes light, light becomes energy, and energy becomes matter.”
~Jose Luis Stevens~ 

Here we dance in human form. We engage with one another in the play of consciousness, exploring relationships and energetic attachments that create the foundation of experience. Spiritual practice is not about denial. It is absolute inclusion of all things as sacred as we discover Oneness through the world of form.

Awakening naturally brings about empowerment. Recognizing our true, infinite nature makes it easier to take personal responsibility for our own experience. Feelings of victimization transform into strength. Confusion becomes insight. Inertia becomes conscious action.

Enjoy the human experience. Have your preferences and passions; however, do not allow them to destroy your peace by becoming solidified demands and expectations. Our desires are meant to open new pathways of experience. They prompt exploration and, by releasing attachment, we can play in the flow of infinite universal love and energy with one another.

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